Vehicle Parking

Bylaw No. 1886 - Fees and Charges


Drop-offs and Pick-ups

A designated zone for loading and unloading passengers only with a 15 minute time limit is located and clearly marked just past the arrivals entrance at the front of the Smithers Regional Airport "YYD" Terminal building.

Unattended or waiting vehicles outside this zone may be fined or towed at the owner's expense.

Hourly Parking

Several one-hour "Complimentary" parking stalls are provided by local businesses and a is available in the first row of the parking lot. 

Parking Permits

A parking permit can be purchased at the "Parking Kiosk" in the parking lot, conveniently located directly in front of the Terminal Building.

The machine accepts cash, coin, and credit cards. Simply follow onscreen prompts to select your length of stay and the machine will advise you what is due so you can make the payment. A parking permit will print out, which has the receipt on the bottom. Place the permit face up on the driver's side dash of your vehicle.

Parking permits can also be purchased in the Terminal Building at the Cafe where you also have the option of paying by debit card. When the espresso bar is closed parking envelopes are made available on the front counter of the espresso bar. Cash or cheques can be placed in the envelopes to pay for parking. The envelopes can be dropped through the mail slot at the espresso bar or slid under the door of the airport administration office. Place the envelopes receipt face up on the driver's side dash of your vehicle.

Please click here to vew the PDF document "Airport Vehicle Parking Drawing

Parking Rates (effective January 2020, GST Included):

1 hour  $1.00   1 month  $60.00
2 hours  $2.00   5 weeks  $75.00
3 hours  $3.00   6 weeks  $90.00
4 hours  $4.00   2 months  $120.00
1 day  $5.00   3 months $180.00
2 days $10.00   4 months $240.00
3 days  $15.00   5 months $300.00
4-7 days $20.00   6 months $400.00
8-10 days $25.00   1 year  $815.00
11-15 days  $40.00   Employee Annual $120.00
16-21 days $50.00      

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available in designated stalls on both sides of walkways to the air terminal building. Regular parking rates do apply to Accessible parking stalls and we ask that your Permit be visible.

Parking Receipts

If you did not receive a receipt for parking for any reason, please contact us at phone: 250.847.3664 or email:  We will ensure that you are provided a receipt.