Aircraft Landing & Terminal Fees

2017 LANDING CHARGES ($/1000KG) (GST not included) 

Jet and Commercially Registered Piston Aircraft
Minimum Charge - Domestic $19.10

0-20,000 KG $5.45                      
20,001 - 45,000 KG $6.86  
OVER 45,000 KG/ 70,000 KG $8.26  

(GST not included)

Commercially Registered Jet and Piston Aircraft

0-9 Seats   $16.95  
10-15 Seats   $33.89  
16-25 Seats   $52.19  
26-45 Seats   $91.52  
46-60 Seats $130.68  
61-89 Seats  $209.21  
90-125 Seats $287.79  
>125 Seats    $340.10  


(GST not included)

Type Time Cost
Aircraft Plug Power (0-5000 kg) Daily $ 13.58
Aircraft Plug Power (0-5000 kg) Monthly $ 108.62
Aircraft Plug Power (5000+ kg) Daily $  35.13
Aircraft Plug Power (5000+ kg) Monthly $ 280.99

*Aircraft terminal charges are for using airport facilities. We charge only those aircraft that are registered to a company name. If you stop for fuel and/or Flight Service use only, then this charge is not applicable. Please notify us and we will credit you. Please note that although some airports do not charge "terminal fees", the fees are often hidden in higher landing fees. Each airport has different financial requirements and must set fees according to their requirements.

The Smithers Regional Airport is owned and operated by the Town of Smithers municipality. Aircraft are invoiced at the end of each month for any applicable charges.

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