Request for Quotation: Fall Fair Grounds Old Washroom Building Upgrades Contract #2017-14

The Town of Smithers is seeking a General Contractor to re-roof with asphalt shingles the Old Washroom building and prep and paint all exterior wood surfaces.

Quotations will be received up until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at the Smithers Municipal Office located at 1027 Aldous Street.  Please submit your quotation in a sealed envelope marked

care of Mark Allen, Director of Development Services’.

There will be a public opening of bids.  All bidders will be notified by phone within 7 days and bid deposits can be picked up at the Municipal Office.  The successful bidder will receive a ‘Notice of Acceptance’ as per General Conditions-3.



  • Easy access to work areas from land.
  • Public use area with organized events


  • Remove and dispose of existing asphalt roofing and underlay.
  • Inspect and repair roof sheeting as needed.
  • Install synthetic underlay with sealed seams.
  • Install 30 year asphalt shingles to match New Washroom building.
  • Install two whirly vents near peak over M and W rooms.
  • Scrape, sand, and prime all wood surfaces as needed.
  • Paint two coats on wood surfaces—fascia, trims, siding-- matching red tone of New Washroom.
  • Paint doors to washrooms and mechanical room to match New Washroom building.
  • Install M and W signs near entries, matching those at New Washroom.

 Contractor Responsibilities:

  • Supply bid for the work as described.
  • List products and spec sheets.  Include reasoning for selected items.
  • Coordinate site activities with Town of Smithers staff.
  • Comply with the Town of Smithers General Conditions (attached)
  • Confirm that Contractor Coordination Program (CCP) has been received and understood
  • Understand the role of Prime Contractor in a Multiple Employer Workplace and provide in writing the name of the worksite supervisor.
  • Complete work by June 28, 2017.  (Before start of Midsummer Festival)
  • Remove all waste and leave site tidy daily.

Town of Smithers Responsibilities:

  • Inspect construction & approve extra work (if required)
  • Discuss Contractor Coordination Program and supply pamphlet if requested
  • Review and file contractor’s Safety Policy
  • Process bid security and contract payments
  • Approve completion of contracted work.


  • A completed bid form (blank Schedule ‘A’).
  • A copy of the company’s Safety Policy - review Work Safe BC, Occupational Health and Safety and the Town of Smithers Contractor Coordination Program.
  • Bid security @ 10% of the estimated price in the form of certified cheque or a letter of credit payable to the Town of Smithers

For any questions on the above, contact Building Inspector, Roye Lovgren at 250 847-1600 or email:

Please click below to view the following PDF documents:


The Town of Smithers reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all quotations, or to accept the quotation deemed most favourable in the interest of the Town.  The lowest or any quotation will not necessarily be accepted.

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