UBC Rural Evidence Review - Survey

Jan 20 - Mar 01 2021

Results to date from survey participants about the difficulties that they experienced when travelling to other communities for care, including financial costs to patients and their families (costs that are not often considered when services are planned). The summary report can also be accessed here: bit.ly/RERsurveysummary. Please also note that this survey is ongoing and will remain active until the project’s end, March 2021. The survey is available here: bit.ly/ruralevidencereview.

To follow up, a new survey was created to understand patients' out-of-pocket costs when travelling for health care. The voices and experiences of rural citizens-patients are critical for health care planning. We will use the findings to create a complete understanding of what it costs when health services are not available locally. As always, the findings will be shared with the Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health, and rural communities across BC. The survey is available until January 31, 2020 and can be accessed here: bit.ly/CostsRural.