Winter Storage of Recreational Vehicles and Boats

Application forms for winter storage of recreational vehicles and boats will be available to Town of Smithers residents only and can be picked up at the front counter of the Town Office, at 1027 Aldous Street.

Completed applications will be accepted at the Town Office prior to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 6, 2018. All properly completed applications will be entered into a draw for available storage spots (a waitlist will also be established). The public draw will take place at the Town of Smithers Works and Operations Department at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, September 7, 2018. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

The storage period will be from October 11, 2018 to April 11, 2019.

2018/2019 Storage Rates are as follows:


Units up to 20 feet - $ 332.87 (inc. taxes)
Units up to 25 feet - $ 412.71 (inc. taxes)
Units up to 30 feet - $ 493.68 (inc. taxes)
Units up to 35 feet - $ 573.52 (inc. taxes)

(Maximum total individual unit length is thirty-five (35) feet.)

For more information please contact the Works and Operations Department at 250-847-1649.

Paved Road Maintenance Program

Please click on to view the map of the "2015 Paving (Red Areas) and Proposed Future Years 2015-2018"

Streetlight Outages

In the interest of public safety, the Town of Smithers would appreciate members of the public reporting any streetlights that are not working. Please note whether it is a wood or metal pole, the intersecting streets if on a corner, and the closest address to the pole when reporting the outage.

Please report the outage by contacting Joanne at the Works Yard before 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday, at phone: (250) 847-1649 or by email:

Annual Water Report

Please click here to view the PDF document:


Water Distribution System History Page 2
Water Distribution System Description Page 2
Standards Page 2
Manganese Page 3
Water Storage Facilities Page 4
Well Maintenance Page 4
Valve Maintenance Page 4
Water Main Flushing Page 5
Completed Projects Page 5
Future Plans Page 6


Ministry of Health Permit Appendix "A"
Bacteriological Test Results Appendix "B" 2016
Bacteriological Test Results Appendix "B" 2017

Storm Drainage During Spring Freeze-Thaw Cycles

Frozen catch basins around Town are preventing water from draining in some areas and causing ponding. This is an ongoing issue that occurs during the spring or during times of melt.

Town crews are busy clearing catch basins and associated pipes to address the issue. Please provide us with the location and nature of the issue, if it is a re-occurring problem, and any additional information that will aid crews in determining the source of the problem. Visit or call the Town Office, 1027 Aldous Street, phone: 250.847.1600, and complete a "Request for Service". 

We advise homeowners that if this is an issue related to a frozen private storm service, you must first contact a plumber. The Town will address issues related to the storm mains and catch basins, but homeowners are responsible for their own service lines and property drainage.

Residential Curbside Recycling

To view the 2018 Recycling Schedule, please view our
Solid Waste (Garbage) / Curbside Recycling Collection & Alternate Statutory Holiday Dates webpage.


Recycle Coach App:

  • The Town of Smithers Recycle Coach™ app helps you quickly find what you need to know about waste & recycling, including your personalized collection schedule.
  • One popular feature is reminders – how cool is that to get a helpful reminder the evening before recycling pick-up? 
  • The Recycle Coach™ app also asks the provocative question ‘What type of recycler are you?’.  This 3-minute quiz provides you with a comprehensive evaluation based on several criteria, including knowledge about what should and should not be recycled in the Town of Smithers.
  • Have you ever wondered how to get rid of or recycle an item?  If so, you’re not alone, and the resources available through the Recycle Coach™ app will guide you to what is collected through curbside recycling and where your other items can be dropped off.
  • The Recycle Coach™ app is free to download and it is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play.  There is a quick one time set-up process to personalize the information to where you live that includes setting up your personalized pick-up and event schedule.

Reducing Recycling Contaminants Competition:

  • The Town of Smithers has engaged in a competition with the District of Port Hardy and the District of Summerland to challenge residents to reduce the amount of contaminants collected in Recycle BC curbside recycling.
  • Audits were performed in July 2017 by Recycle BC to be compared with numbers in November 2017 for Recycle BC to assess the winner.
  • Reduce the amount of materials collected in curbside, such as FOAM PACKAGING, GLASS, AND PLASTIC BAGS.  Find a full list of accepted materials and drop-off resources on the Recycle Coach App and website.


Recycling Resources

Please click to view the following PDF documents:

Smithers Recycles

Download the following "Smithers Recycles" PDF documents:

Materials that will be accepted in the Town of Smithers Curbside Recycling Program under two (2) main categories:

  1. Paper Recycling
  2. Container Recycling

Materials that WILL NOT be accepted in the Town of Smithers Curbside Recycling Program, but may be recycled at Drop-off Depots only:

  1. Glass Bottles
  2. Glass Jars
  3. Plastic Bags and Overwrap Plastic
  4. Foam 

Recycle BC (formerly Multi-Material BC)

Download the following "Recycle BC" PDF documents:

More informaiton on recycling can be found - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Information Sheet

Any questions, please contact the Town of Smithers
Phone: 250-847-1600 or Email:


The Town provides drinking water to its residents from three deep wells.

Annual Water Main Flushing Program - May14, 2018 to June 8, 2018 
No chlorine is added to the water except during the annual water main flushing program for about a month each spring. One week prior to the Flushing Program beginning, chlorine will be added to the system in controlled quantities, to offset iron, bacteria, silts and other substances that have settled out of the water and become lodged in the distribution system. Users will probably be able to detect the taste or odour of this chlorine. The quantity of chlorine injected into the system will not be allowed to exceed two milligrams per litre and will not be injurious to your health. This is a normal year-round chlorination dosage in many communities. Anyone finding this taste or odour objectionable will be able to quickly dissipate it by allowing a container of water to stand with the surface uncovered for a short time, or by boiling the water for a couple of minutes. If, during the course of the flushing program, the water from your taps becomes coloured or dirty, please run taps continuously for a period of time, and you will find that the problem will clear up. Should that action not correct any problem with taste, colour or odour, contact the Works and Operations Department at 250-847-1649. Also, by running your taps prior to laundry washing and avoiding the use of chlorine bleach in your laundry during the course of the flushing program, you will minimize the possibility of laundry staining caused by Manganese. The Town advertises in advance of the flushing program each spring. The Town thanks the water users for their patience and co-operation during the Flushing Program.

Our aim is to provide the community with the best quality of water possible.

Water Fees Schedule Bylaw No. 1804



Utilities are billed out quarterly. This involves billing for water and sewer. Commerical properties are billed for garbage pickup if they use the Town of Smithers to pick up their garbage.


Residential water, sewer, and garbage fees are billed annually on the tax notice.

Waste Transfer Station

The Smithers / Telkwa Transfer Station is located between Smithers and Telkwa, just off Highway 16. The transfer station is operated by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Closed on statutory holidays

Contact Numbers

Office: 846-6805
Regional District: 1-800-320-3339

Snow Removal

The Town of Smithers works hard to achieve a balance between an appropriate snow clearing response time and maintaining a reasonable cost for snow clearing. The Town thanks you for your patience and co-operation.

Snow & Ice Control Policy (OPS-006)

After a snowfall, crews are often hampered by cars parked on streets, which blocks access for snow clearing equipment. This creates time delays and can be hazardous. Residents are required to keep the roadways clear of parked vehicles in order to allow the snow clearing crews to do their work safely and efficiently.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the Town's snow clearing policy or procedures, please feel free to call the Works & Operations Department between the hours of 8:30am and 1:30pm, Monday through Friday at 847-1649.


Sewer Backups

Sanitary sewer blockages can happen in three different areas.

  1. Household fixtures or piping.
  2. Building sewer.
  3. Sewer main.

If you have a sewer backup in your residence, try to determine where the blockage is. A toilet or sink may be blocked, or it may be the building sewer (the main drain pipe leading out from the house). It is the resident's responsibility to clear any household blockages or those in the building sewer.

If the problem still exists after contacting a plumber to clear a blockage in the building sewer, then telephone the Town of Smithers and a service crew will respond. The crew will check the sewer main in the street first to ensure there is no blockage there. Then they will check and/or clear the building sewer from the sewer cleanout at the property line. Actual costs for the Town crew will be billed to the home owner.

Sewer Fees Schedule Bylaw No. 1805

Report Sewer Service problems:

250-847-1600 (8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday)
250-847-1615 (after hours)

Property Services

Some of the services that the Town of Smithers offers to residential and commercial property owners include garbage collection, street sweeping, snow plowing, and parks and recreation.

Town of Smithers Works and Operations Direct Line:
Tel: 250.847.1649

After Hours Trouble Line:
Tel: 250.847.1615

Tel: 250.877.1562

Property Tax

HOG Claims (eHOG)

Tax Certificates

Tax Searches

General property taxation is the single most important source of revenue for Local Governments. Each year, Council must estimate the amount of funds required to support local services. General municipal tax rates are set once the budget is approved. Property tax notices are mailed in mid-May for the calendar year of January 1 to December 31. The general municipal tax rate, together with the assessed value and classification (property use - i.e. residential, commercial, industry, farm etc.) of the taxable property, determines the taxation for each property.

Property Tax Prepayment Plan

If your property taxes are not paid by a Mortgagor, the Town of Smithers has a Property Tax Prepayment Plan, which you may participate in.

For more information about Property Tax Prepayment Plan:
a) Property Tax Prepayment Plan Brochure
b) Property Tax Prepayment Plan Application Form


Property taxes cannot be appealed. Only property assessments, on which taxes are based, are subject to appeal through the B.C. Assessment Authority. Therefore, it is important to review your annual assessment notice when you receive it from the B.C. Assessment Authority and report any concerns to them by January 31st of each year. Annual assessments notices from the B.C. Assessment Authority are mailed on December 31st for the subsequent year. In British Columbia, property assessments reflect market values effective July 1st of the preceding year. Follow the links to the BC Assessment website for more information on property valuation and appeal deadlines.

British Columbia Assessment Authority - Northwest Region

100 4545 Lazelle Avenue
Terrace BC V8G 4E1
Toll Free: 1-800-990-1116
Phone:    250-638-1116
Fax:        250-638-0156

Amended Assessments

If you are expecting a decrease in your assessment, it is likely that your total taxes payable will decrease too. The amount on the original property tax notice remains due and payable by the tax due date (usually July 2nd). If you have not paid your property taxes that are payable by the tax due date (as indicated on the original property tax notice), a penalty may apply to any unpaid tax amount if the amended assessment is not received by the Town of Smithers before the tax due date.

For more information, go to Financial Services.

Property Taxes Paid by a Mortgagor

Many property owners choose to have their property taxes paid by their mortgage company or financial institution (the Mortgagor). When property owners make their mortgage payments, the Mortgagor allocates a portion of each total mortgage payment to a property tax account held by the Mortgagor. This type of a mortgage is referred to as a ‘Principal, Interest, and Taxes' mortgage (P.I.T. mortgage). P.I.T. mortgages allocate a portion of each payment towards Principal, Interest, and Property Taxes (P.I.T.). The portion of the mortgage payment that is allocated to property taxes accumulates and is forwarded to the Town of Smithers, by the Mortgagor, when property taxes are due (usually July 2nd).

If your taxes are being remitted by a mortgage company or financial institution, you will still receive a property tax notice from the Town of Smithers. The Town of Smithers mails to each Mortgagor a listing of all known properties to which this Mortgagor remits property taxes on behalf of. It is between you and your Mortgagor to ensure the correct property taxes are paid to the Town of Smithers taking into consideration your eligibility of the Provincial Home Owner Grant. You are not required to take your property tax notice to your Mortgagor - they will already have been advised of the property taxes outstanding on your property.

Note: The Mortgagor must advise the Town of Smithers that they require annual property tax information on your property. As a precaution, it is recommended that if you have a new mortgage that you take a copy of your property tax notice to your Mortgage holder to ensure that they are remitting property taxes on your behalf.

Home Owner Grants

find out about homeowners grants here...

Annual Tax Sale

Any property with taxes unpaid at the end of three years will be sold at the Town of Smithers' annual tax sale. Pursuant to the Local Government Act, the Town of Smithers must hold an annual tax sale each year on the last Monday of September (or if this is a holiday, on the next Monday which is not a holiday). The tax sale is held at 10:00am at the Town of Smithers Council Chambers.

The list of properties that may be available for sale will be published in the local newspapers on two separate dates, the last publishing being not less than 3 days or more than 10 days before the date of the tax sale. A final list of the properties still available for sale will be distributed at the time of the tax sale.

The sale is a public auction with the successful bid being the highest bid above the upset price. The upset price is:

  • The amount of delinquent taxes, taxes in arrears and interest to the first day of the tax sale for which the parcel of land and the improvements are liable for sale;
  • The taxes, including penalties incurred, for the current year on the land and improvements;
  • 5% of the amounts under paragraph (a) and (b); and
  • The fees prescribed under the Land Title Act.

If there are no bids, the Town of Smithers will be declared the purchaser.

The Town of Smithers requires payment at the time of sale. If this payment is by cheque it must be replaced by cash, certified cheque or money order before 10:00 am of the following morning. If this requirement is not met the tax sale proceedings will be reconvene at 10:00 am on this day and the property will be re-auctioned.

The owner of the property and the owner of a registered charge will be notified of the pending tax sale of the property. Should a property be sold at tax sale, the registered owner, the owner of a registered charge or agents thereof, has twelve (12) months to redeem the property by remitting to the Town of Smithers the aggregate of the following:

  • The selling price of the property at the time of the tax sale;
  • All costs of which, the Collector has had notice that have been incurred by the purchaser in maintenance of the property and in prevention of waste;
  • Taxes advanced by the purchaser; and
  • Interest to the date of redemption on any amount in excess of the upset price and on the total amount expended by the purchaser during the period for redemption, at the rate prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Province of British Columbia) pursuant to Section 11 (3) of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act.

Should the property not be redeemed within the one-year period, the title shall transfer to the successful bidder. If the property is redeemed, all of the amounts paid to the Town of Smithers, by the successful bidder will be returned with interest at the rate prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Province of British Columbia) pursuant to Section 11(3) of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act.

The successful bidder has only limited legal rights to the property during the redemption period. The registered owner continues to have use and enjoyment of the property.

The successful purchaser of a tax sale property that results in transfer of title at the end of the redemption period will be required to pay any property purchase taxes; and goods and service taxes which may apply to the sale.

What are delinquent taxes?

On December 31st of each year - taxes, interest and penalties unpaid for the current year are transferred to arrears taxes. The previous years' taxes plus interest and penalties are transferred to delinquent taxes.

Taxes accrued and to accrue on land and its improvements, are a special charge on the land and improvements, and have priority over any claim, lien, privilege or encumbrance of any person except the Crown, and do not require registration to preserve it.

What interest rate is charged on arrears and delinquent taxes?

Arrears and delinquent taxes bear interest as prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Province of British Columbia) pursuant to Section 11(3) of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act until paid or recovered.

How will I be advised if my property is subject to Tax Sale?

Property owners and registered charge holders will be advised by registered mail in August of each year that their property is subject to the tax sale proceedings. The registered letter will outline the outstanding taxes and interest to date and amount required to avoid tax sale. This amount must be paid in full prior to the last Monday of September in each year. Any payment made within fifteen (15) days of the tax sale date must be either cash, money order, bank draft or by debit card.

Selling your Property

If you sell your property, the lawyer or notary handling the sale will allocate the property taxes between purchaser and vendor. The Town of Smithers property taxes are for a calendar year (January to December). If you have already paid the full year's property taxes on your property, but sell it partway through the year, the lawyer or notary will charge the purchasers for their portion of the property taxes and utilities, and credit them back to you. In essence, the lawyer or notary determines the amount of time that the purchaser and vendor owned the property, and then allocates the property taxes and utilities accordingly between the two parties.

Manufactured (mobile) home sales must be registered with the Manufactured Home Registry office in order for the sale to be valid. You may get additional information on sales regarding manufactured (mobile) homes from:

Corporate and Personal Property Registries
PO Box 9431
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9V3
Telephone: 250-356-8609

Note: Property taxes on manufactured (mobile) homes must be paid in full before they can be moved. 


The Town of Smithers monitors and patrols public parking.

All parking tickets can be submitted to the Town of Smithers.

The parking lot at 3743 Second Avenue (beside City West) will be closed as of June 26th, 2017 through to September 30th, 2017 for construction. We apologize for any inconvenience that this will cause

Municipal Cemetery

The Town of Smithers Municipal Cemetery is located at 1958 Dominion Street Smithers. It has been serving the Public since April 16, 1921.

The Town provides the following options and services to the public. For detailed prices see Schedule "A" Cemetery Fees below.

  • Regular Burial 1.5 x 3m (5 x 10ft).
  • Double depth burial, which allows a second burial in regular plot.
  • Cremation plot, which allows for two urns in one plot.
  • Cremation in existing plot, which allows for 4 additional cremains in a regular plot.
  • Columbarium, which allows two urns per niche.
  • Placement of memorial plaques on columbarium niches.
  • Installation of memorials on grave plots.

Location of Cemetery - Map      
Cemetery Burial Map     
Cemetery Database - coming soon

Bylaw No. 1565 Cemetery - Consolidated March 2009  
Bylaw No. 1817 Cemetery Fees and Charges (2018-2020)  
Bylaw No. 1565 Cemetery - Schedule B "Interment Right Contract"   
Bylaw No. 1565 Cemetery - Schedule C "Interment Authorization"

The Town does not provide:

  • Memorial grave markers.
  • Plaques for columbarium.
  • Funeral Home service.
    These must be obtained elsewhere. The Town of Smithers only installs the memorials and plaques.

Rules of the Cemetery

(See Bylaw No. 1565 above for complete information)

  1. Only human remains or cremated remains (cremains) shall be interred in the cemetery.
  2. It shall be unlawful for any person to cremate or bury a deceased person within the limits of the Town of Smithers except as authorized under the terms of the Cremation, Internment, and Funeral Services Act and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Regulations made thereunder.
  3. The Smithers Cemetery reserves the right, without prior notice, to remove any memorial product, personal memento, decoration or floral tributes which do not comply with the cemetery Bylaw and Regulations.
  4. No grave shall be dug, or opened, nor grave marker installed, by any person other than persons duly authorized by the Director of Development Services.
  5. No curbs or upright memorials will be permitted, and no grave or grave space shall be defined by a fence, railing, coping, hedge, or by other marking except by an approved memorial marker, tablet or monument.
  6. Memorials and markers must be laid flat with the ground level. Memorials and markers for cremated remains shall not exceed 450 x 450 mm in size and memorial markers for regular burial plots shall be between 500 x 300 x 75 mm (20 x 12 x 3 in) and 900 x 400 x 75 mm (36 X 16 X 3 in) or as otherwise designated by the Director of Development Services.
  7. Cut flowers, wreath and floral offerings may be placed on graves but may be removed when their condition is considered to be detrimental to the beauty of the cemetery.
  8. No person shall plant, remove, cut down or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or rocks in the cemetery other than an employee of the Town authorized to do so.

Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Open daily to public pedestrian traffic from 7:30am-4:30pm. The vehicle gate may be opened upon special request for visitors with disabilities.

The chief duties of the Works and Operations Department are maintenance of the cemetery and installation of graves and memorial markers. Please contact the Operations Supervisor from 7:30am-3:30pm at 250-847-1645.

The chief duties of the Development Services Department are capital planning, design and recordkeeping of the cemetery. Please contact the Engineering & Planning Technician from 8:30am-4:30pm at 250-847-1600.


Solid Waste / Curbside Recycling Collection & Alternate Statutory Holiday Dates

All residents are reminded to place their solid waste / curbside recycling at the curb prior to 8:00 AM.

To see what day is your "Solid Waste / Curbside Recycling Day" - click here to view the Solid Waste / Curbside Recycling Route Map *Updated January 8, 2016

New Smithers Recycle Coach™ app puts recycling/garbage collection information on your smartphone: 

Download the Smithers Recycle CoachTM app that puts garbage, recycling, special waste collection details and more at your fingertips, anytime you want them. The Recycle Coach™ app is free to download and it is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play. The recycle and garbage schedules can already be accessed through this technology, and more content for this application will soon be available.

Statutory Holiday Solid Waste / Curbside Recycling Schedule

This notice is to remind residential solid waste/curbside recycling customers and commercial garbage customers that Town solid waste collection / curbside recycling services will not be provided on the statutory holidays listed in the table below. The alternate pickup days are indicated. Please note and keep a copy of this list for your reference during the year.

Click to view the PDF:

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this alternate schedule may cause. Please contact the Works and Operations Department, at 250-847-1649, if you have any questions or concerns.



Other Related Solid Waste Information:

"Solid Waste Collection" Bylaw No. 1762

"Solid Waste Collection User Fees 2018, 2019, and 2020" Bylaw No. 1816

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Information Page

Compost Drop-off

The Town of Smithers has a compost drop-off site located at the Public Works Yard, at 2888 19th Avenue, for residents to drop off garden waste, leaves and grass clippings. The drop-off is available to residents seven days a week.

The Town operates static compost piles and then uses the compost in various Town parks and flower beds.