Small Business Task Force

The purpose of the Small Business Task Force is to review the Town of Smithers’ current processes and regulations affecting small business development and to recommend to Town Council changes that would improve the overall business environment and support the objectives of the Town’s Official Community Plan.

Small Business Task Force's Final Recommendations to Council

Committee Members:

  • Mayor Bachrach
  • Councillor Shelley Browne
  • Councillor Greg Brown (alternate)
  • Brian Atherton
  • Chrissy Chapman
  • Dana Gorbahn
  • Jim Dobinson
  • Max Starr
  • David Harris
  • Bill Wookey
  • Chief Administraitive Officer
  • Mark Allen, Director of Development Services
  • Alison Watson, Planner

Meeting Notes, Minutes, and Agendas:

Background Information and Resources: