Downtown Smithers Re-Landscaping Plan

In October 2017, the Town of Smithers retained the services of Lanarc to develop a “Downtown Smithers Re-Landscaping Plan.” The plan will provide the Town of Smithers with a detailed landscape design and implementation plan for the downtown commercial core of our community, specifically focusing on the popular Main Street corridor and include an additional conceptual design for the downtown side avenue boulevards, off of Main between King and Queen Streets (utilizing the existing curbing and center medians). This includes recommendations regarding the improvement of public realm components of benches and garbage/recycling receptacles.

Map of Study Area: Downtown Smithers

Boulevard planter (between Alfred and Broadway)

Main & 2nd Avenue (East corner) with view to North corner

An Alpine landscaping theme has already been established for Main Street, which includes trees, shrubs and perennials and boulevard features. However, a new landscape design plan is needed to update and reinforce a unified theme to continue with the quality of urban design in the downtown, helping to foster a pedestrian oriented streetscape and integration of higher density mixed use development.

Relevant Guidelines & Specifications
Form & Character Development Permit Area Guidelines
Final Charrette Report: Planning for a Vibrant Downtown Smithers - 2008
Alpine Theme Design Guidelines
Town of Smithers Specification No. 10.0 Landscaping
Downtown Smithers Landscape Design Guidelines – November 2012

Relevant Bylaws
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1614
Zoning Bylaw No. 1403
Subdivision Servicing  & Development Standards Bylaw No. 1800