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If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant (HOG) you must advise your Mortgagor of the grant that you qualify for. This grant must be claimed each year that you are eligible, and cannot be signed by your Mortgagor.

If eligible, to avoid penalty for late payment of the grant portion of your property taxes, you must apply for a grant on or before the tax due date. You may apply before the tax due date. If the grant is not claimed prior to the due date, you will be levied a penalty on the total property tax amount outstanding of which your unclaimed grant is a part of. Home Owner Grants must be claimed each year. Homeowner Grant Application Forms are located on the bottom portion of the tax notice.

Property tax overpayments can occur as a result of both the property owner and mortgagor paying the property taxes. Conversely, property tax underpayments and consequently penalties arise as a result of the property owner believing that the ‘Mortgagor (bank) will take care of it all'. The Mortgagor cannot claim the Home Owner Grant - it is your responsibility, if eligible, to claim the grant on or before the tax due date, to avoid a 10% penalty on the unclaimed grant portion of your property taxes.

For more information about Home Owner Grants the Town of Smithers at 250-847-1600. 

Claim your Home Owner Grant On-Line...

  • Claim your Home Owner Grant On-line through the Town's website using the Town's eHOG (electronic home owner grant) program. Online: HOG Claims (E-HOG) Please make sure that your computer is set to allow pop-ups from this site. You will be asked to enter your Roll Number and the Access Code, which are located on the top right hand corner of your 2017 Smithers' tax notice.
  • After claiming the HOG on-line please ensure that you see a screen stating that your application has been submitted and that you can print off the confirmation page for your records. If you are unsure as to whether it was processed properly please contact the Town Office.
  • We encourage taxpayers to claim their Home owner grants online to avoid line ups and to eliminate the possibility of forgetting to claim your home owner grant.
  • If for some reason our "E-HOG" website is not working and you are wanting to claim your Home Owner Grant without having to come into the Town Office, download the attached Home Owner Grant Form (Form 78). Fill it out, sign it and send it back to the Smithers Town Office and we will post it to your property tax account immediately. You can send the HOG form to us using the following methods:
    • Fax it to the Smithers Town Office 250-847-1601
    • Email it to the Smithers Town Office to propertytaxes@smithers.ca (if you cannont send back a .PDF of the completed form, take a picture of both sides of the form with your phone, and email it to us).