Provincial Tax Deferment Programs

The Province has tax deferment plans in place for the 2019 tax year. These are loan programs that allow property owners to defer annual property taxes as long as certain criteria are met and as long as they own, and live, in their home. The regular tax deferment program is for property owners that are either over the age of 55, a surviving spouse of any age, or a person with disability as defined by the regulation. The Families with Children program is for property owners who are paying financial support for a dependent child.

For each of the provincial tax deferment plans there is an application process through the Town that has to occur. There are a few fees and charges that the Province does not cover and they require that you claim your annual home owner grant. For more information on these Provincial Tax Deferment programs please contact the Smithers Town Office.

Please go to the Provincial Provincial Tax Deferment website at: