BC Transit - What if Every day was a Snow Day?

January 23, 2020

The wind starts to pick up. Temperatures drop. Snow is in the forecast. Weather becomes the main topic of most conversations. Children eagerly anticipate school being cancelled. Employees and customers all around start to plan how they will get to work when the roads are in less than perfect condition.

Each year, all of us at BC Transit step up and get ready for the winter storms. In some communities, inclement weather is the norm and in others, it’s the event of the season. Regardless of what community it’s occurring in, we work in close partnership with our local government partners and operations teams to ensure our customers can rely on us. This means increased monitoring of road conditions, route detours to ensure a safe journey, and heightened communications and service notifications to our customers.

Could you imagine a future where every day was a snow day?

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Over the coming weeks, we are launching our new Strategic Plan with a new vision statement of “Your best transportation solution”.  This is a bold, exciting and inspiring goal, but what does it mean?

Continuing on the theme of snow days – let’s use this example. A heavy storm blows in. Snow falls overnight. Sidewalks are icy and slippery. Driving your car is not safe. Biking is not possible. Overnight, public transportation becomes the number one choice for travel. After all, transit is the most accessible, convenient, affordable and reliable mode of transportation, and a snowy day magnifies this.

With a storm like this, public perception changes. Transit becomes the star of the show. Customers are supportive and considerate to our drivers. Compliments flood social media thanking the efforts of BC Transit staff who are braving challenging conditions. Recognition for public transit increases and schools, workplaces and major centres make decisions to open based on the status of our operation.

Of course none of this happens without the united energy of our team. Everyone works together to deliver transportation services that our customers can rely on. We break down barriers to solve challenges, ensure customers have the information they need, and strive to be the safest and most reliable option available.

This is why a snow day is a fantastic example of what makes BC Transit “Your best transportation solution”. These are the days where we can be so proud of the value our services provide. So, how can we harness this energy and maintain this enthusiasm for transit every day of the year in the 130 communities that we serve? Our new Strategic Plan provides the answers to this question. Based on 16 months of engagement and conversations with employees and stakeholders from across the province, we’re excited to finally put the plan into action. We will officially celebrate the launch the week of February 10th so, stay tuned for more information!

In closing, every one of us at BC Transit has an important role to play in helping us to become your best transportation solution. Every little incremental action we take makes a difference. We experience it most on snow days, so let’s take that pride, teamwork, and passion and apply it to every day of the year.