Dollars to the Door Program

The Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) provides funding support to northern communities in various spheres of community economic development and capacity building. With the objective to encourage the creation of new market-based multi-family housing units in communities and thereby to create additional business and local employment opportunities, NDIT launched the Northern Housing Incentive Program in April 2019. The program provides grant funding to local governments to establish a ‘Dollars to the Door’ program, by incentivizing multi-family housing developments undertaken by private sector developers.

The program will benefit new multi-family residential developments in Smithers – both rental and for sale – providing up to $10,000 per newly created dwelling unit, to a maximum contribution of $200,000 to a project/community, at a given time.

As per the Town’s Multi-Family Housing Incentive Program Policy, which established the program requirements and processing procedures for the ‘Dollars to the Door’ Program, eligible projects shall meet the following criteria:

i. Create a minimum of four market-based multi-family self-contained dwelling units in a new development or by converting an existing non-residential building;

ii. Location outside the ‘Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Area’ identified in “Attachment 1” of this policy;

iii. Developments must address one or more specific housing needs:

(a) market rental housing; (b) entry-level home ownership; (c) senior housing; (d) small-family housing; and (e) housing for families;

iv. Compliance of the proposed development with all the relevant Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw requirements and should be ‘shovel ready’ upon funding approval;

v. Aim to complete the proposed project within two years from the data of Building Permit issuance unless otherwise extended by the maximum of one year by the General Manager, Integrated Growth and Infrastructure;

vi. The Applicant must be the registered owner of the property; and

vii. All the newly created units must meet the BC Energy STEP Code 2 or above as per BC Building Code.

Please note that the maximum funding available under this program to all the eligible projects in the Town at a given time is $200,000. The Town will receive applications on a first-come-first-serve basis. An application that was not considered for a given intake -- either due to time constraints or NDIT’s funding requirements -- will be considered for the subsequent intake.

Approved Project(s):

NDIT recently approved the Town’s first application to the Northern Housing Incentive (NHI) Program, submitted for the Spring 2021 Quarterly intake. As part of the approved multi-family residential development at 3030 Pacific Street, Ambleside Projects Ltd. has undertaken the construction of three fourplexes, designed as townhouses for sale, creating twelve (12) 2-bedroom housing units, with direct access from Pacific Street. The 3.15-million-dollar project is anticipated to complete in mid-June 2022. In accordance with the agreement signed between the Town and NDIT, this project will receive $120,000 in grant from NDIT upon project completion. Please click here to know more about this project.

New Application(s):

Starting from December 1, 2021, the Town will be accepting Dollars to the Door Program applications from eligible multi-family residential developments, for the Winter 2022 Quarterly intake of the Northern Housing Incentive Program. The deadline for application submission is January 11, 2022. Given that $120,000 of the maximum grant funding available to the Town of Smithers through the NHI program has already been approved for the Ambleside Project at 3030 Pacific Street, the maximum funding that an eligible project(s) may apply for in this application intake is $80,000, or $10,000 per door for a maximum of eight (8) units to be created in one or more developments. If more than one application is received, funding request to NDIT will be prioritized in the order the applications are received. Interested applicants must obtain all the necessary land use approvals and/or development permits for a proposed multi-family development prior to submitting the Dollars to the Door program application to the Town.

Interested applicants are advised to contact the Planner, Deepa Chandran, at or 250-847-1600.

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