Notice to All Builders & Developers - Building Setbacks

The Town's Zoning Bylaw specifies the required building setbacks from the property lines. Due to recent building setback errors during construction, the Town of Smithers will be strictly enforcing the following sections from the Building Bylaw No. 1673:

9. Applications for Complex Buildings Location and dimensions of all statutory rights of way, easements and setback requirements;

10. Applications for Standard Buildings Location and dimensions of all statutory rights of way, easements and setback requirements;

17. Inspections

17.4.2 Prior to placing any concrete for the footings or foundations, the owner or authorized agent shall notify the building official and request a site visit to document the various aspects of the foundation and where in the opinion of the building official, the siting regulations may be contravened, the owner shall provide a site plan per 9.1.3 or 10.1.3.

For clarification, the site plan noted above must be provided with all building permit applications. The Building Inspector will not require a second site plan be provided, but may require that a legal surveyor or qualified professional perform a site visit to confirm the foundation wall formwork is not encroaching into required yard setbacks from the property lines. In these cases, approval to proceed with pouring the concrete foundation wall will not be given until the setbacks are confirmed. In the case of preserved wood foundations, the setbacks must be confirmed similarly, before the Building Inspector approves further construction.

Mark Allen, P.Eng.
Director of Development Services


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