Public Service Announcment - Perimeter Trail

The Town of Smithers has been working with Alpine Village Estates to re-establish the closed section of the Town’s perimeter trail that was on Alpine Village Estates property adjacent to Chicken Creek.

In the spring of 2014, this portion of the trail was closed to the public due to creek bank erosion and land slippage undermining the trail. It was determined that the Alpine Village Estates storm sewer caused the bank erosion and slippage. As a result the Town of Smithers discharged the Right of Way that permitted the Town’s trail to cross the Alpine Village Estates property and closed this portion of the trail.

The Town has offered to pay the legal costs to re-establish the Right of Way and re-build the failed portion of the Town’s perimeter trail at an estimated cost of $40,000 for fencing, legal fees, engineering and construction. This would allow that section of the Perimeter Trail to be re-opened to the public and to be maintained by the Town.

Unfortunately the Town of Smithers has been unable to come to an agreement with Alpine Village Estates on the offer to re-instate the closed portion of the trail.  The Town acknowledges that this section of the Perimeter Trail is very important public infrastructure and will seek to assess alternate options.

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