The Town provides drinking water to its residents from three deep wells.

Annual Water Main Flushing Program - May14, 2018 to June 8, 2018 
No chlorine is added to the water except during the annual water main flushing program for about a month each spring. One week prior to the Flushing Program beginning, chlorine will be added to the system in controlled quantities, to offset iron, bacteria, silts and other substances that have settled out of the water and become lodged in the distribution system. Users will probably be able to detect the taste or odour of this chlorine. The quantity of chlorine injected into the system will not be allowed to exceed two milligrams per litre and will not be injurious to your health. This is a normal year-round chlorination dosage in many communities. Anyone finding this taste or odour objectionable will be able to quickly dissipate it by allowing a container of water to stand with the surface uncovered for a short time, or by boiling the water for a couple of minutes. If, during the course of the flushing program, the water from your taps becomes coloured or dirty, please run taps continuously for a period of time, and you will find that the problem will clear up. Should that action not correct any problem with taste, colour or odour, contact the Works and Operations Department at 250-847-1649. Also, by running your taps prior to laundry washing and avoiding the use of chlorine bleach in your laundry during the course of the flushing program, you will minimize the possibility of laundry staining caused by Manganese. The Town advertises in advance of the flushing program each spring. The Town thanks the water users for their patience and co-operation during the Flushing Program.

Our aim is to provide the community with the best quality of water possible.

Water Fees Schedule Bylaw No. 1804