Advertising Opportunities at YYD

Advertising at the Airport is a novel way to showcase your business to a captive audience of business and leisure travellers, as well as the many members of the surrounding communities that visit the airport to pick up and drop off travellers.

Each year between 75,000 and 85,000 passengers, from all over the world, visit the terminal building.

YYD is excited to provide several ways for local businesses to receive excellent exposure:

Brochure Display

The brochure display is situated in a high traffic zone in the arrivals area of the terminal building. Businesses will pay a small annual fee and be responsible for self-stocking their brochures in the brochure rack.

Garbage & Recycle Bins, FOD Containers

These containers have the ability to advertise in the Airport parking lot, in front of the terminal building, or, if on a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) container. 
Foreign Object Debris containers are found on the airside apron and provide unique opportunity to advertise your company or business on the airside of the airport.

Complimentary Parking Stalls

At a cost of approximately $1.00 a day, this form of advertising gives Airport users a warm fuzzy feeling. Businesses create two 24" x 30" signs, which are placed back-to-back on a sign post so they face two directions, and Airport visitors using the complimentary stall receive one hour of free parking!


Telemonitor Ad

This is a digital form of advertising on multiple flat screen televisions. Advertisers can use the screen to show several slides or a video on a closed loop circuit, amongst other advertising, throughout the day in the terminal building.


Reserved Parking Stalls

Designed for businesses that frequent the Airport, this option allows a business to advertise on two 24" x 30" back-to-back signs that face opposite directions, while reserving an annual parking stall for company vehicles. This form of advertising offers a bonus convenience; no parking permits needed, just park and fly!

Please feel free to come check out the different ways to advertise at YYD in person, call (250) 847-3664, or email for additional information.

The cost for all forms of advertising are listed in the "Bylaw No. 1886 - Fees & Charges"