Departments & Services

The Town of Smithers is made up of a number of departments. These pages will give you a description of the duties and responsibilities of each department, and further inform you as to the services available through the Town of Smithers.

Department of Recreation, Parks and Culture

The mandate of the department is to offer recreation programs and services for all residents of Smithers. Programs and services are delivered to all ages from preschoolers to seniors with a focus on inclusive, age appropriate, safe leadership, developmental opportunities. This includes passive and active facilities (ie: rink, sport fields, trails, playgrounds, etc.) partnerships with local school boards, service groups, private recreation providers, local sport groups and assisting with the development and delivery of various special events.  

Fire Department & Emergency Services

The Fire Department with its complement of 40 volunteer firefighters provids many services in our community.

Prevention & Community Safety

To enforce the Town's bylaws in an efficient and timely manner, using a fair, respectful and consistent approach. The Prevention and Community Safety Officer (PCSO) endeavours to take into account the viewpoint of all parties as well as the broad effect on the community as a whole.

Administration & Human Resources

Administration is comprised of the Council support services, Human Resources, Economic Development, and Public Relations. It is responsible for the provision of statutory, legislative, and administrative support services to Council, its committees, the public, and other municipal departments and agencies.

Works and Operations

The Works and Operations Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town's infrastructure as well as construction of specific capital works projects.

Development Services & Planning

The Development Services Department is responsible for land-use planning and building development matters for the Town of Smithers.

Financial Services

The Town of Smithers Finance Department serves to monitor, control and allocate financial resources in order to achieve the Town's immediate and long term goals and objectives.

Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control

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