Development Services & Planning

The Development Services Department is responsible for land-use planning, development, business licensing, bylaw enforcement, building inspection and permitting, and overall engineering management of the Town's municipal infrastructure inclusive of roads, structures, water, sanitary and storm sewers and facilities.

Building Permits

Building Permits regulate various types of building construction within the Town of Smithers.

Municipal Cemetery

The Town of Smithers Cemetery is located at 1958 Dominion Street Smithers.

Business Licensing

If you are doing business within the Town of Smithers, you require a business license.

Engineering and Mapping

Provides servicing information for properties, administers infrastructure contracts, and ensures Town of Smiithers engineering standards and specifications are met.

Development Permits

Selected areas of town may require a Development Permit prior to subdivision or obtaining a Building Permit.


A subdivision alters the legal property boundaries of a parcel of land and can include dividing a property into smaller lots, creating a bare land strata or changing the alignment of an existing property line.

OCP & Zoning

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a general statement of community vision, objectives and policies of the local government to guide growth and development in Smithers.

Development Variance Permits

If you want to undertake a development in a manner that is not in accordance with the Zoning, Servicing, or Sign Bylaws, you may apply to Council for a variance to these bylaws.