Prevention & Community Safety


"To enforce the Town's bylaws in an efficient and timely manner, using a fair, respectful and consistent approach. The Prevention and Community Safety Officer (PCSO) endeavours to take into account the viewpoint of all parties as well as the broad effect on the community as a whole."

What We Do

Local Governments have authority, under the Local Government Act, to make statutory law (known as "bylaws") regulating a wide, yet limited, variety of matters. Some of the bylaws enforced by the PCSO regulates parking on the street, bicycling on the sidewalks, yard conditions, the keeping of animals and noise.

The PCSO responds to complaints as well as enforces observed infractions. Most problems are solved through voluntary compliance, however, where this does not happen, the appropriate enforcement action is taken. This could include a prosecution (a court process to deal with an offence that is alleged to have been committed), a court order (a court process to stop something from being done, or to require something to be done) or taking direct action (such as having a Town crew clean up an untidy yard, at the owner's expense).

Not all matters are regulated by bylaw - some are regulated by Provincial or Federal Acts and enforced by other authorities, and some are simply not regulated by statutory law. When someone is bothered by the actions of another that are not regulated by statutory law, the person's legal recourse is to consult a lawyer for the purpose of initiating a common law, civil proceeding. An example of this would be your neighbour allowing his hedge to overhang onto your property, (since there is no law regulating hedges). Of course, matters like this are usually best handled through open communication between the parties involved.

Contact:  Matt Davey, Prevention and Community Safety Officer
Phone:    250-847-1600
Fax:        250-847-1601
Hours:    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

For matters requiring immediate attention it is best to call the RCMP non-emergency telephone line at 250-847-3233. The RCMP can dispatch a Prevention & Community Safety Officer or, if it is during off hours, an RCMP member. Please note that the RCMP is authorized to enforce the Town's bylaws.