Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable function of the Finance Department is responsible for paying invoices to suppliers and contractors of the Town of Smithers. All invoices must reference a purchase order to avoid payment delays. The purchase order must contain the following information:

  • Date;
  • Supplier/Vendor name and address;
  • Description of materials or services purchased with applicable pricing and taxes;
  • General ledger account number to charge expenditure to;
  • Aggregate cost of requisition; and
  • Authorized signature.

The Town of Smithers seeks to obtain services or make its purchases from reliable suppliers, recognizing that although price is important, other elements of value, including quality, ability to deliver at required times, service and customer relations, constitute total cost to the Town of Smithers. Local suppliers will be given preference whenever possible.

Suppliers and contractors are selected to ensure a high degree of flexibility, a good level of competition and a constant awareness of product development and technical improvements. They must possess high ethical standards, quality service, valid Town of Smithers business licence, and a good record of adhering to specifications and maintaining delivery schedules.

Payment Terms:

  • Payments are "net 30 days" from date of invoice, providing that an invoice is submitted, and receipt of acceptable materials or services is verified. There are situations where payment shall be made earlier, if such early payment is required in order to take advantage of discount terms and conditions.
  • Payments are made twice a month on the 10th & 25th.
  • Payments shall be mailed directly to the payee, unless requested otherwise.

For more information please contact the Finance Department at 250-847-1600 and have the purchase order number and invoice number handy to assist with enquiries.