Avoid Long Line Ups at Tax & Utility Times

Here are some options that will eliminate having to wait in line at tax and utility due dates.

Paying Taxes Online:
You can pay your taxes using on-line banking services. You may pay using on-line bill payment services through the BV Credit Union, Royal Bank, CIBC and the Bank of Nova Scotia. You will need your 10 digit roll number (including the 478 jurisdiction number) to set up the Town of Smithers as an entity to make a payment.

Paying Taxes Using Interac:
You may pay by Interac at the Town Office.

Paying at the BV Credit Union:
If you have a bank account at the BV Credit Union you may pay your taxes at the Credit Union. They will immediately remit your payment claim to the Town.

Post Dated Cheques:
You can pay your taxes with a cheque post dated to the tax due date! This will allow Town staff time to check your payment. Staff can notify you prior to the due date if there are any issues with your payment. The payment is not cashed at the Bank until the date of the cheque. Cheques must be RECEIVED at th Town Office by the tax due date in order to avoid the 10% penalty. Post marks on envelopes are not acceptable.


Payment Drop Box: 
There is a payment drop box located at the main entrance of the Town office - fronting Aldous Street. Place your cheque in an envelope and drop it in the box. Your payments will be processed promptly each morning (Monday to Friday).

Your Mortgagor (Bank) Pays your Taxes:
If your Mortgagor pays your taxes and you are eligible for a Home Owner Grant, avoid a penalty by claiming your grant as soon as you receive your tax notice. Click here for more information on Property Taxes Paid by a Mortgagor.

To avoid penalties associated with problems with your Home Owner Grant, applications should be sent to the Province of British Columbia www.gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant or phone 1-888-355-2700, to speak with a live agent, as soon as you receive your tax notice. Don't wait until the tax due date! If you are unable to pay your property taxes, you should still claim your Home Owner Grant prior to the due date to avoid penalties on the Grant portion of your taxes.