Minutes are recorded at each Regular Meeting of Council to ensure the decisions of Council are held in trust by the municipality and that Council's directions can be carried out by staff. The accountability of Council to the public and the transparency of Council's actions are strengthened through accurate recording of meetings.

The Community Charter requires that an officer be appointed by bylaw to ensure "that accurate minutes of the meetings of the council and council committees are prepared and that the minutes, bylaws and other records of the business of the council and council committees are maintained and kept safe."

In reviewing the minutes, you will notice that there is very little, if any, dialogue recorded. The minutes are meant to reflect the motions that Council has voted on. While many discussions do take place at Council meetings, the important points to note are whether or not a motion is approved or rejected and, in some cases, the direction in which members of Council voted on a particular issue. The minutes also identify the reports and documents that Council had available at the meeting to assist in their decision-making.

At the Municipal Hall, fireproof safes hold the original version of Council minutes from 1921 to the present day. For convenience, the minutes of the Regular Meetings of Council from 1992 to the present day are available online. Click on "Documents" at the bottom of the page and then click on one of the years to the left to view the Council minutes.

At each Regular Meeting of Council, the previous set of minutes is reviewed and barring any changes or corrections in the minutes, a motion is made by Council to adopt the minutes. These minutes are signed by the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer and placed in the vault for safekeeping. A digital version of the minutes is placed online following adoption and signatures. 

View the minutes below or on Civicweb here.

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