Code of Conduct for Members of Council


The Town of Smithers would like to report that the Code of Conduct for Members of Council, also known as policy COU-010, will not undergo any updates or revisions. This decision is based on the fact that COU-010 was recently adopted on September 27,2022, and is considered a comprehensive and up-to-date policy that governs the ethical conduct of our council members.

The Code of Conduct for Members of Council is a crucial document that ensures that the Town is lead by the elected Mayor and Council in a manner that is responsive, fair, ethical, and accountable to the Town’s residents and its stakeholders.  

The decision to maintain the current policy reflects the Town of Smithers' commitment to upholding the principles of good governance and ethical conduct within Council. As a recently adopted policy, it already aligns with contemporary standards and expectations, and no significant changes or updates are deemed necessary at this time.

Policy COU-010 Code of Conduct for Members of Council is available for review here.