Local Government Awareness Week


What does a local government do? Well, we are glad you asked because it is Local Government Awareness Week!

As a Local Government, the Town of Smithers provides and maintains the community's essential services like:
-emergency response services
-garbage and recycling collection 
-road and sidewalk maintenance
-recreational facilities and opportunities
-parks and fields
-bylaw services.

Local governments also help shape the community through policies and land-use planning, addressing the community’s needs and planning for the community’s future. Mayor and Council, elected every four years by the public, are responsible for setting the Town’s policies and guiding the Town’s priorities. 

This year’s theme for Local Government Awareness Week is Infrastructure. The Town of Smithers has multiple infrastructure projects on the go for 2024 including: 
-the Cycle 16 connector project
-Upgrades to the Airport Water System
-Beginning stages of the Waste Water System Upgrade Project
-Beginning stages of the Smithers Water Treatment Plan Project
-Sidewalk replacement and repairs.

For more information on Local Government Awareness Week visit www.ubcm.ca/member-services/local-government-awareness-week