UPDATE = Rosenthal Road Emergency Works

Public Notice

May 26, 2023 Update

The emergency works at Rosenthal Road are expected to finish today, Friday, May 26th.  Many thanks to Vihar Construction, Northwest Hydraulics Consulting, McElhanney, Aspen Traffic Control, and Westrek Geotechnical, who made this project successful. 

Once opened, Rosenthal Road will return to two-way traffic. (Shoulder barriers will remain in place). 

The section of Perimeter Trail above Rosenthal Road will open for the weekend; however, the lower Perimeter Trail remains closed for the Town’s Fire Mitigation Project.

Rosenthal Road

Photo Credit:  Northwest Hydraulics Consulting

May 23, 2023 Update

The Vihar crew worked at Rosenthal Road throughout the long weekend, and construction continues this week. Please try to avoid Rosenthal Road when possible, as unnecessary traffic can slow the work and create unsafe conditions.

The Perimeter trail remains closed.


May 17, 2023

The Town’s contractor, Vihar Construction Ltd., is commencing emergency Bulkley River bank rip-rap work at Rosenthal Road (Within Town of Smithers) today.  Work will be ongoing for approximately eight days. During this time, single-lane alternating traffic is in effect for Dohler Flats residents. Other road users should make all effort to avoid Rosenthal Road except for emergency use;  recreation users may be denied access. (The closure does not affect access to the Municipal Campground.)

The Perimeter Trail remains closed, and pedestrians are advised to avoid Rosenthal Road completely. This post will be updated once the Perimeter Trail and/or Rosenthal Road is re-opened. Please contact the Town office (250-847-1600) for inquires.