News Release #2022-06: New Building Bylaw

For Immediate Release        

SMITHERS – As of April 12, 2022, Smithers Town Council has adopted “Bylaw No. 1924 – Building”. This new Building Bylaw replaces “Bylaw No. 1673 – Building”, which was adopted in 2011.

The construction industry is undergoing rapid change in terms of the laws, materials, building methods and energy efficiency standards that guide construction projects in British Columbia. This new Building Bylaw modernizes regulations for the design and construction of buildings in Smithers and provides greater clarity to developers on the permitting and inspection of construction projects.

The following is a brief summary at some interesting parts of the new Building Bylaw that are either new or changed from our previous Bylaw:

  • New - the ability for the Town to refuse and/or revoke building permits.
  • New - the requirement for a security deposit when an application for a new building is submitted, this deposit will help cover any potential costs borne by the Town to make a site safe, or complete unfinished work, if required.
  • New – a building permit fee may be doubled if construction begins before a permit is issued, to a maximum of $10,000.
  • A clarification of the scope of the Bylaw and exemptions.
  • A clarification and expansion of the powers of a Building Official.
  • Clarification on when Registered Professionals are required, and what their responsibilities are.
  • An increase to some building permit related fees. The application fee for a building permit is now $75 for both residential and commercial projects.
  • A change to the method for determining construction value.
  • A clarification on permit expiration dates.
  • Clarified and expanded language about violations, offences against the Bylaw and ticketing.
  • New and expanded forms and application documents.

It is strongly recommended that anybody engaged in construction within the Town of Smithers read the entire document, which can be found here.


For any additional information, please contact Morgan Widen, Building Inspector, at (250) 847-1600.

Media Contact:
Morgan Widen, Building Inspector
(250) 847-1600