Property Taxes

Municipal property taxes are collected based on the funds required to balance the annual budget as approved by Town Council. Property taxes help pay for the municipal services which the Town of Smithers provides. The amount of property taxes you pay is based on the required tax rate and the assessed value of your property.

Notices are mailed at the end of May and can be viewed online. If you have not received your notice by the second week of June, please contact the Finance Department at

A 10% penalty will be applied on July 3, 2024, to all outstanding balances. In order to avoid the penalty, please ensure your payment has been received prior to the due date.

There are many Payment Options available to help ensure you pay property taxes on time.

Review the  Property Tax Savings programs to determine if you are eligible for any reductions to the amount you owe on property taxes.

How Property Assessments Impact Property Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find various information about property tax items below. Should you have any questions or require further information please contact the Finance Department.