Fire Smart

Priority #1- Create a fuel free space around your home, remove any shrubs, dead fall and trees. Woodpiles and Propane tanks should also be moved out of this area.

Priority #2 - In the area 10 to 30 metres away from structures any fuels should be reduced by thinning and pruning vegetation and trees. This will slow a fire’s spread.  If planting new trees, consider deciduous species such as aspen, poplar or birch, as they have a low flammability rate.

Priority #3 -  This zone begins 30 metres from any structure and extends to a distance of 100 metres and beyond.  This area should be thinned out of trees and vegetation so that if the fire should spread, the fire will be less intense. 

For more information on creating a defensible space around your home, web links are provided below.