Wildland Fire Information

1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from a cellular phone

Wildfire Information
1-888-3FOREST OR 1-888-336-7378


Current Situation and Conditions

Ministry of Forests and Range, BC Wildfire Management Branch - Current Wildfires
These are wildfires of note due to their visibility or potential threat to public safety. The most recent updates are given first.

Danger Rating Map (updated twice daily)
Provincial Fire Danger Rating Maps are updated at approximately 1400 and 1800 PST.

Wildfire News
This is where you will find news releases, digital images and backgrounders of interest.

Ministry of Transportation, Drive BC
Current reports, including road conditions and other important information for highway travellers.

Ministry of Environment, Air Quality Health Index
The Air Quality Index helps you become informed about the air quality in your area. 

FireSmart Manual
Office of the Fire Commissioner

BC Northern Health
Smoke conditions and local air pollution levels can change due to the unpredictable nature of the fires. There are actions you can take to reduce the health effects of smoke in the air:

Natural Resources Canada, Forest Fires
The Government of Canada, through Natural Resources Canada's Canadian Forest Service (CFS), makes an important contribution to fire management.

Preparedness and Prevention

Interface Fire Prevention [PDF]
With the onset of warm, dry weather also comes the possibility of increased wildfire activity. During the warm weather months, everyone should be extra-cautious and mindful when enjoying outdoor summer activities.

Smoke from Fires [PDF]
Smoke conditions and local air pollution levels can change due to the unpredictable nature of the fires. Here's some helpful information for reducing your exposure to and the effects from smoke from forest fires.

Evacuation Preparedness [PDF]
Residents in high risk interface fire areas can prepare ahead by organizing a family emergency kit and making sure to have a family emergency plan.

Interface Fires, Public Safety and Evacuations [PDF]
An interface fire is a wildland fire that puts people at risk. Community response plans include a three-stage public safety evacuation process.

One Step At a Time: A Guide to Disaster Recovery [PDF]
If you experience damage from fire, here's what you can do. This guide takes you one step at a time through the recovery process.

General Information

Ministry of Forests and Range, BC Wildfire Management Branch
The BC Wildfire Management Branch is tasked with managing wildfires on both Crown and private lands outside of organized areas such as municipalities or regional districts. While the Protection Branch is mandated to protect life and assets, particularly forests and grasslands, it gives high priority to fires in interface areas where communities and forests come together.

Office of the Fire Commissioner
The Office of the Fire Commissioner is the senior fire authority in the province with respect to fire safety and prevention. Services include administration and enforcement of fire safety legislation, training of Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner, fire loss statistics collection, fire investigation, fire inspection, response to major fire emergencies, advice to local governments on delivery of fire protection services, public fire safety education.

2007 Wildland Fire 
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2006 Wildland Fire 
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