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In 2016, the Town of Smithers had a population of 5,351 people. This indicates a levelling trend. The municipality experienced rapid growth during the 1990s. Towards the end of the decade, for a variety of reasons, the growth rate stalled and there was actually a slight decrease in population beginning in 1998. From 2001 to the present time, the population in Smithers has fluctuated around 5,300. With the recent announcements regarding an upswing in the mining and exploration industry and improvements on the agricultural front, it is anticipated that Smithers will experience positive growth well into the future.

Smithers is a family community. Some of the evidence to support this is contained in the age distribution statistics of the Town. Nearly one-quarter of the residents are between 0 and 14 years of age, well above the British Columbia average of 18 percent. There are also more young people (age 15 to 24) in Smithers, compared to the provincial average and the middle age cohort of 25 to 44 years is on par. The last two age categories show significantly fewer people in Smithers who are age 45 and older in relation to the provincial average.

To summarize the age distribution in Smithers, families and young people have the biggest influence on demographics. As time goes on, Smithers can expect that the older age cohorts (ages greater than 45 years old) will grow in Smithers. The Town is helping to make this a reality by encouraging the development of a number of proposed assisted living facilities.


  Average Temperatures      Precipitation  
January -4.9 -12.7 52.4 11
February -0.4 -9.4 27.1 6.3
March 5.1 -5.1 17.1 5.9
April 10.8 -1.3 6.2 15.9
May 15.7 2.8 0.4 35.7
June 18.9 6.3 0.0 48.8
July 21.6 8.4 0.0 45.2
August 21.2 7.9 0.0 45.9
September 15.8 4.0 0.2 51
October 8.8 0.1 7.3 57.8
November .08 -5.4 38.3 24.6
December -3.8 -11.1 55.2 9.1