Storm Drainage

Storm Drainage 

In order to collect run off from streets, parking lots, and buildings, all of which block the infiltration of water into the soil, storm sewers are installed to provide underground drainage of surface water.

In Smithers, storm runoff is collected by approximately 550 catch basins connected numerous kilometres of underground storm sewers.  These storm sewers capture rainwater or snowmelt from residential and commercial properties and discharges to wetlands and ditches leading to streams and eventually into the Bulkley River.

The Town of Smithers storm water system receives regular maintenance including catch basin cleaning and repairs, ditching, outflow inspections and periodic upgrades to the system.  In early spring, and during times of winter thaw, catch basins can become iced over or frozen resulting in ponding water.  The Town of Smithers maintenance crews do their best to open this infrastructure using high pressure hot water as well as heavy machinery when required.

If there is a location with ponding issues please call the Operations Department for more information at 250-847-1649 or email at

We advise homeowners that if this is an issue related to a frozen private storm service, you must first contact a plumber. The Town will address issues related to the storm mains and catch basins, but homeowners are responsible for their own service lines and property drainage.