Sewer Backup

Sewer Backups

Sanitary sewer blockages can happen in three different areas.

  1. Household fixtures or piping.
  2. Building sewer.
  3. Sewer main.

If you have a sewer backup in your residence, try to determine where the blockage is. A toilet or sink may be blocked, or it may be the building sewer (the main drain pipe leading out from the house). It is the resident's responsibility to clear any household blockages or those in the building sewer.

If the problem still exists after contacting a plumber to clear a blockage in the building sewer, then telephone the Town of Smithers and a service crew will respond. The crew will check the sewer main in the street first to ensure there is no blockage there. Then they will check and/or clear the building sewer from the sewer clean-out at the property line. Actual costs for the Town crew will be billed to the home owner.

Sewer Fees Schedule Bylaw No. 1886

Report Sewer Service problems

Operations Department: 250-847-1649 (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 Monday to Friday)                              After hours Emergencies: 250-877-1562