Water System

Water Distribution System History 

Since 1992, water purveyors in BC have been required to possess an Operating Permit issued by their Regional Health Authority, which includes following the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act and Drinking Water Protection Regulation

The Town of Smithers water system currently draws water from three wells.  Well #1 (19thAvenue) is connected to the pumphouse.  It is 268 feet deep and in a sand and gravel aquifer with a 12-inch telescoping screen between 234 and 265 feet.  This pumphouse is used for annual chlorine application for Spring Water Main Flushing.

Well #2 (Victoria Street Well) is 244 feed deep, in a well confined aquifer away from potential contamination and with a similar screen from 193 to 235 feet.

Well #3 (Riverside Park) is located adjacent to the Bulkley River, is 92 feet deep gravel aquifer with a similar screen from 64 to 85 feet.

Water Storage Facilities

The distribution system includes two reservoirs, both of which Float on the System.  The Float on the System is a method of opening a water storage facility.  Daily flow into the facility is approximately equal to the average daily demand for water.  When consumer demands for water are low, the storage facility will be filling.  During periods of high demand, the facility will be emptying.  The reservoir levels are lowered and raised significantly each day.  One reservoir is 265,000 gallons and is approximately 10 feet deep.  The other is 1,000,000 gallons and 25 feet deep.  Both have a single inlet/outlet and the distribution system is flushed annually.