Liquor Licensing

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) of the Provincial Government regulates Liquor Licensing in the Province, including the issuance of the Liquor Licenses. As part of the LCLB application process they require the input of the local government. This input must be in the form of a Local Government Resolution passed by Council and based on public input.

How do I apply for a Local Government Resolution?

Complete the application form. There are four (4) different types of applications that can be made.

  1. Application for a new Liquor Primary License ($500 fee) 
  2. Application for an amendment to an existing Liquor Primary License ($300.00 fee)
  3. Application for a Food Primary Liquor License ($300 fee)   
  4. Application for a temporary amendment to a Liquor License ($200.00)

Applications for a Local Government Resolution for a new Liquor Primary License may not be made to the Town until the required summary report and notice that the application is at Stage 3 of the LCLB process has been received from the LCLB.

Applications for Local Government Resolutions for amended Liquor Primary Licenses or Food Primary Licenses may not be made until the Town has received a copy of a completed LCLB application form.

Applications must be made on the form provided by the Town and will not be accepted until all the required information is provided and the application fees are paid.

What happens next?


The planner reviews your application and will contact you if there are any further issues that need to be addressed. If there are no further requirements, the application is reviewed internally and referred to the RCMP for comment. 

Advisory Planning Commission

A Staff Report is prepared for consideration of the Committee, which provides an overview of the submission and information regarding issues relevant to the application. A draft resolution is included for consideration. The Committee then makes a recommendation to Council based on the merits of the application.

Public Notice

Notice regarding the application is sent out by the Town Clerk's Office 10 days prior to the date that the application is to be considered by Town Council. The notice is sent to the owners and residents of properties within 60-metres of the property as well as the local newspaper.


Council receives the application, a staff report, and recommendations from the Advisory Planning Commission at the next available Council Meeting. They will offer the public a chance to speak to the proposal at a hearing. It is recommended that you, or someone associated with the application be present at this hearing to answer any potential questions. Following this, Council will support or not support the application.

What does the resolution include?

  • The LCLB requires different information to be provided in the resolution for different types of applications. Resolutions regarding new Liquor Primary licenses must include a wide range of information related to location, traffic, noise, community impact, and market demand.         
  • Resolutions for amendments to existing Liquor Primary licenses must include information regarding noise and community impact.
  • Resolutions for Food Primary licenses must include information regarding noise, community impact, and the primary purpose of the establishment.

How long does the resolution process take?

  • The average processing time to obtain a Local Government Resolution is 5-6 weeks (subject to Council meeting schedule), provided that all necessary information is provided to the Town upon application and there are no complications. Complex applications, or applications associated with rezoning, may require a longer review process.

Liquor License Application