Secondary Suites & Carriage Houses

Secondary suites and carriage houses are great opportunities for homeowners to construct rental housing in the Town of Smithers. The below information provides an overview of the regulations pertaining to secondary suites and carriage houses.

A secondary suite is an additional dwelling unit located within a single family home that complies with the BC Building Code and Town bylaws. If you are interested in constructing a new secondary suite within your home or bringing an existing secondary suite into compliance, please review the following:

Homeowners with an existing secondary suite qualify for free voluntary inspections until December 31st, 2016 (fee of $200 is waived). The voluntary inspection will determine the necessary building upgrades to bring your suite into compliance with Town bylaws and the BC Building Code. Call the Development Services Clerk to make an appointment.

A carriage house is a self-contained dwelling that is constructed as a separate building to a single family home. Carriage houses are permitted on R-2 zoned properties as shown on the Town of Smithers Zoning Map. You qualify for a carriage house if:

  • There is an existing single family home on the property.
  • There is not already a secondary suite, home occupation or boarding use within the home or on the property.
  • You have sufficient space to build a carriage house in order to meet the setbacks, parcel coverage and parking

If you are interested in constructing a carriage house on your property, please review the following:

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For more information on secondary suites or carriage houses, please contact the Development Services Department at 250-847-1600.