Smithers Housing Needs Assessment Project

Housing has always been a focus area of discussion and policy action in the Town of Smithers. Smithers Housing Need Assessment Project is the latest initiative taken by the Town in this direction. This project will update the 2014 Housing Need and Demand Study prepared by SPARC BC for the Smithers Housing Action Committee.

The Housing Need Report will reflect the community's current housing needs, establish the Town's role in supporting housing, and meet the Local Government Act's requirements concerning the development of housing needs reports within the April 2022 deadline. Besides, it will position the Town of Smithers, housing providers, social service groups, and additional stakeholders to understand and respond to the community's changing needs while leveraging funding for projects that aim to address the needs. SPARC BC, a Burnaby-based consulting firm, is working with the Town of Smithers on this project.

The initial phase of work will include developing a methodology and data collection plan for gathering information to provide a meaningful picture of current and future housing needs. This phase will also include outreach and engagement with key community partners and stakeholders to put together a comprehensive picture of the overall housing needs across the Town, including developing a complete Community Profile. The final report produced through this process will be published online.

The project's second component is a draft Housing Incentive Policy that includes identifying potential partnerships, policies, strategies, regulatory tools, and other incentives to meet current and anticipated future housing demands successfully. It is anticipated that the Housing Incentive Policy will facilitate implementation of the Town Council's Strategic Plan and updates to the Official Community Plan (OCP), including targets and strategies for infill development, secondary suites, carriage houses, and supports for residents who are experiencing homelessness.

Smithers Housing Needs Assessment Survey

This survey is part of our broader community engagement process and is designed to learn more about the different types of housing needs in Smithers. Please take a few minutes to share your ideas and experiences. Not only will your feedback help to provide a better understanding of the housing needs in Smithers, but it will also help us in identifying potential strategies or action areas. Click here to start the survey.

The survey closes on October 30, 2020.