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Town of Smithers Special Event Application Process

  1. Download the Special Event Application Form for any public events held on Town of Smithers’ owned land, streets, sidewalks, parks, and/or buildings.

  2. Liabiltiy insurance for your event can be obtained online by following the link: or at your local insurance providers.
  3. To ensure the safety of those participating event organizers might consider providing a Communicable Disease plan, although it is not mandatory unless you are organizing a festival, fair or trade show (then you MUST include a Communicable Disease Plan).
  4. Email the completed application form, liability insurance, the Communicable Disease Plan (if required), and any additional materials to:
  5. Once the event is sanctioned, the Recreation Coordinator will notify the event organizer by email or phone and provide and necessary information or comments. 
  6. Please view the following additional information:
  7. If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Coordinator at 250.847.1600 or



Bovill Square was opened in August 2013. The park is located at the corner of Main Street and Broadway Avenue. It is a public space owned/maintained by the Town of Smithers. It is meant to provide the local community a location for small and medium sized arts/music/cultural performances and special events. There is no rental fee to use the park/stage. If you would like to book the use of the Bovill Square, please fill out the "Special Event Application Form" and contact the Recreation Coordinator at 250.847.1600 or


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