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Application: Liquor & Cannabis Licensing Application For Local Government Resolution

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) regulates British Columbia's liquor industries and private retail non-medical cannabis industries throughout the Province, including the issuance of liquor and retail non-medical cannabis licenses. As part of the LCLB application process for liquor licenses, the branch requires input from the local government. As part of the LCLB application process for retail non-medical cannabis licenses, the branch requires local government support to further consider a license application. For both license categories, this input is in the form of a Local Government Resolution passed by Council and based on public input.

How do I apply for a Local Government Resolution?
Complete and make payment for a Liquor & Cannabis Licensing Application For Local Government Resolution.  The form includes four application types:

  • New Liquor / Liquor Primary Club License,
  • New Cannabis Retail License,
  • Temporary Amendment (Event) to Liquor License, and
  • Amendment to Existing License for Liquor Primary / Liquor Club, Manufacturers, Food Primary, or Cannabis Retail.

When can I apply for a Local Government Resolution?
For LCLB applications that require Local Government Confirmation of Receipt of Application, the Town will sign the confirmation receipt form after you have submitted and paid for a Smithers Liquor & Cannabis Licensing Application For Local Government Resolution.

For LCLB applications where the LCLB directly contacts the Town with a request to consider an application, a response to consideration is submitted to LCLB after the Smithers Liquor & Cannabis Licensing Application For Local Government Resolution and payment is received. Visit the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch website for more details on types of LCLB applications, policies, forms, and resources related to liquor and cannabis.

What happens next?

Review & Referral
The planner reviews your application and will contact you if there are any outstanding items related to the application that need to be addressed. If there are no further requirements, the application is reviewed internally.  Applications for liquor licenses are referred to the RCMP for comment. Applications for cannabis retail licenses are referred to both the RCMP and School District No. 54 for comment.

Public Notice & Public Hearing
For New Liquor Primary, Liquor Primary Club, and Cannabis Retail License applications, the Town provides public notice of the Public Hearing before Council. The Town provides written notification to property owners, and, where possible, tenants in occupation of the parcels within a distance of 60 metres from the land that is subject of the application.  Prior to the Public Hearing, the Town shall advertise the public notice of the Public Hearing before Council. The Public Hearing provides the public and the applicant an opportunity to be heard by Council.

Council consideration
Council receives the application and a staff report in advance of the scheduled Public Hearing. Council will offer the public a chance to speak to the proposal at the Public Hearing. It is recommended that the applicant or a designate familiar with the application be present at this Public Hearing to answer any potential questions. Following this, Council will decide to either support the application with a Local Government Resolution or to not not support the application.

How long does the resolution process take?

  • The average processing time to obtain a Local Government Resolution is 6-8 weeks (subject to Council meeting schedule), if all necessary information is provided to the Town upon application and there are no complications. Complex applications, or applications associated with rezoning applications, may require a longer review process. For liquor license applications, the Town is required to provide a response within 90 days of signing the applicant’s LCRB application form.

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