Snow Clearing Operations


With the winter season upon us, snow and ice maintenance operations are underway. Snow and ice maintenance is carried out in priority order to ensure the safest flow of traffic possible. Hills, emergency routes, school routes, main feeder streets and the downtown core are the highest priority, followed by residential streets and lanes. Sidewalk clearing is also carried out as soon as possible with school routes and the downtown sidewalks as first priority.

The Town of Smithers Operations Department asks residents to be patient during snow removal periods as plowing of residential streets and lanes may not occur on the initial day(s) of a snow event.

Town crews do not clear individual driveways because it would be extremely expensive to do so. When clearing your driveway snow it is best to dump the snow to the left (facing the house from the street) to prevent the snowplow from re-depositing shoveled snow into your driveway. Residents and businesses are reminded not to shovel or plow snow onto the Town and Highway 16 roadways, ditches, and boulevard areas as it causes:

  • Unsafe conditions for pedestrians and motorists.
  • Flooding and ice buildup situations on roadways and private properties when deposited snow blocks Town and Highway drainage systems.
  • Additional costs to the Town’s snow and ice control and roads cleanup operations. This includes costly spring cleanup of boulevards and ditches along Highway 16 and Frontage Roads.

We also ask all residents and businesses to keep the roadway clear of parked cars during and after snowfalls to allow snow-clearing crews to operate in a safe and efficient manner. The Town may remove vehicles that interfere with snow removal pursuant to bylaw legislation. Parked cars left on the street may also be buried or damaged by snow cast by the plows.

Every winter the Town Operations Crew works diligently to keep our streets clean and safe. Your understanding, patience and cooperation during this winter season are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact the Town Operations Department (250-847-1649) should you have any questions or concerns.